Business Law and Organization

Sound counsel for all types of business at any stage of growth

Are you a business owner in St. Clair County, Sanilac County or surrounding towns in the Blue Water Area? Kelly Law Firm has someone you should get to know: an attorney specializing in business organization and the laws that affect doing business in Michigan.

The owner of any size of business, any kind of business — whether hair salon, hotel, health care provider or high-tech startup — can benefit from having an attorney on speed-dial.

Kelly Law Firm has many long-lasting advisory relationships with businesses of all types and sizes — some with one line of business and one location, others with multiple layers and locations in Michigan and elsewhere. And if a business is ever involved in a dispute that will be settled in court or by negotiation, a Kelly Law Firm civil litigation attorney is the person you want representing you.

The Blue Water Area is home to many businesses that started in a garage or barn and became successful. And these days, many entrepreneurs do quite well with a virtual business: no office, just a laptop and a phone.

But don’t let pride in having bootstrapped your business blind you to the array of options for operating and growing your business — and for protecting the venture and all that you have worked hard to achieve.

A Kelly Law Firm business lawyer can advise you on what form of business will be most advantageous for your situation. Other business solutions and matters in which we have expertise include:

commercial real estatereferrals to expert taxation and business insurance specialists

developing business plans succession planning, especially for family business transitions mergers, acquisitions, sale of business creating and dissolving partnerships
drafting and/or review of purchase, sale and lease agreements employment matters shareholder matters compliance with governmental laws and regulations

Kelly Law Firm also provides these services to nonprofit organizations.