Civil Litigation

Expertise you need if you get sued or need to sue someone

If you find yourself in a dispute that will be resolved in a St. Clair County, Sanilac County or other Michigan court, a civil litigator from Kelly Law Firm is the expert you want sitting at your table. Our civil litigation attorneys have represented clients in every level of court in Michigan.

The kinds of disputes that may require the services of a civil litigator are wide-ranging. Examples include: real estate disputes; probate of wills; landlord-tenant conflicts; allegation of zoning violations; broken contracts, or a disagreement among business partners.

Civil litigation can arise from almost any dispute between private parties or between individuals and organizations, including governmental departments, where money or something of value is at stake.

A civil litigator is an attorney with keen knowledge of court procedures, superior tactical and oratory skills, and a track record of success in representing clients in court. He or she typically also has expertise in more than one subject matter area of law, such as real estate, banking or probate. Kelly Law Firm has numerous areas in which our attorneys specialize.

A Kelly Law Firm attorney can help you explore ways in which a dispute can be resolved satisfactorily without going to court. Some of our attorneys are highly skilled at mediations and facilitations. This approach to dispute resolution can be especially beneficial in contentious family matters when parties hope to preserve familial relationships while working through their issues.

If a dispute can be resolved only in a court of law, an attorney skilled in civil litigation is the ally you need on your side to right a wrong and to bring the matter to a successful close.