Family Law

Divorce and all that goes with it

When people say they need a divorce lawyer, what they’re really looking for is a family lawyer. That’s how the legal profession refers to an attorney who specializes in this broad practice area.

Family law has long been an area of specialization for Kelly Law Firm. When you retain us as your attorneys, you’ll be guided by an experienced, family-oriented practitioner who is keenly aware of Michigan laws and of recent court decisions that could benefit your case.

You may choose to interview more than one family law attorney in the St. Clair County area before you decide on someone to represent you. Or in Sanilac County or Macomb County, where we also have numerous clients. We suggest looking for someone who is an excellent listener and who you believe will be both a staunch advocate and a good negotiator because divorce proceedings can be unpredictable.

Decisions in a divorce

Division of property is always part of a divorce. Marital property can include everything from the couple’s home and bank or brokerage accounts to pension plans, life insurance, business and real estate holdings, and stock options, to collectibles, gifts and inheritances. When the division of assets may have tax consequences, we refer you to expert advisors.

If the couple have children under age 18, a divorce includes decisions about child custody, child support and parenting time. If older children are still receiving support, such as for education or health care, their needs will be considered. Questions of spousal support or paternity also may arise.

Post-divorce issues requiring the involvement of a family law attorney often arise. Non-payment of support is an obvious example.  A person with a shared-legal-custody arrangement may need assistance negotiating approval for a change of domicile if he or she wants to move out of state or more than 100 miles away in-state. Or, grandparents may come to us concerned about their rights to spend time with grandchildren.

Going through a divorce is a difficult time emotionally and financially.  Our experienced family law attorneys will help guide you through your divorce to pursue and defend your rights to child custody, parenting time, property settlement, and spousal support.  We take care of your legal needs so you can focus on your family and move on with life.

Pre-marital or post-marital counsel

Stories out of Hollywood give pre-nuptial agreements a bad name but savvy people know that these plan-ahead documents are not inherently anti-marriage. Nor do they doom the union. Rather, they can give peace of mind to all parties involved or affected by the marriage.

If you think your situation calls for a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement, our family law attorneys are available to counsel you and subsequently, if desired, to draft an agreement that will conform to Michigan law.